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If money grew on trees…you wouldn't need to plan for your future.

Personal tax
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Easy and Reliable Financial Services

Are you tired of the paperwork? Do you not have the energy or the interest to scour last year's income, expenses, receipts, charitable donations, and statements? If so, Kuhlmann Financial Services Inc. has the solution you're looking for. Simply bring us your tax information, and we'll take care of the rest. It's that easy.

Year-round Financial Services

Not simply limited to tax preparation and filing, our experts can assist you in any number of financial areas. If you have recently inherited money, moved from a different state, or are considering starting a small business, we can help you structure a plan that will lead to financial stability.

We Can Help You With IRS Audits

Stress-free Filing and Advice

• Tax Preparation

• Income Taxes

• Corporation / Partnership

• Estate Taxes

• E-File

• Multiple State Filings

Reliable Quick Books Advisor

Having trouble with your Quick Books files? Visit our office in Walla Walla or Dayton. Our trained staff members have intricate Quick Books knowledge and will be able to help you update files, correct errors, adjust entries, and set up custom reports.

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