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If money grew on trees…you wouldn't need to plan for your future.

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Grow Your Business With Sound Financial Planning

As a small business owner, you have an almost unbelievable amount of responsibility. However, when it comes to finances, it's best to rely on experienced professionals to help chart your course — Kuhlmann Financial Services Inc. If you require assistance with financial planning, tax preparation, or questions concerning an IRS audit, our experts are here for you.

Continuing Our Education for You

To better serve you and your business, our financial advisors in Walla Walla and Dayton are constantly adding to their knowledge base through continuing education programs. As a result, you have access to the most recent changes in tax codes, state and local regulations, and other critical data, which you can utilize to benefit your business.

Multiple-state Tax Returns

Maximize Your Production and Growth

• Tax Planning

• Year-round Financial Advices

• IRS Audits

• W2 - 1099

• Partnership Return

• Filing Estate

• Corporate Returns

• Multi-state Returns

Added Protection Against Loss

One of the added benefits of committing to a financial advisor like Kuhlmann Financial Services Inc. is complete transparency and comprehensive data tracking. In other words, if you've ever had trouble with missing funds and incomplete bookkeeping, those days are over.

Year-round Financial Services to Help Your Business Grow